Caddie the Golf Dog

Jennifer barely has time to get to know the stray dog she has taken in before it runs off, only to be discovered many miles away on a golf course. The lovable blue heeler is taken in by two boys who name her Caddie and grow to love her as one of the family. Soon after, Caddie surprises her new owners with a litter of puppies. When the boys place an ad for free puppies in the paper, Jennifer is reunited with the dog she thought she had lost forever. The problem now is, where does Caddie belong? The boys’ generosity and self-sacrifice shines through in their willingness to let Caddie decide where she belongs. Based on a true story, this moving tale of a stray dog finding a home will capture readers’ hearts.

AuthorsMichael R. Sampson and Bill Martin Jr.
IllustratorFloyd Cooper
PublisherWalker Childrens